Zine :: The Ball St Journal

June 3rd 2011


One of my best memories from my school years went down on the court. As an incredibly short baller on a consistently losing team, I’d embraced 60 point losses as a chance to ‘just have fun’. Which is why it was pretty unbelievable when we finally managed to win our first game of the season – in the quarter final (there were only four teams).

Suddenly finding ourselves in the grand final was kind of embarrassing. My friends, all of whom had been roped into the team by the sheer force of my youthful enthusiasm for ball, shuffled their feet as we stared down the perfectly uniformed opposition. They were older, taller, and frankly pissed off at having to play the competition duds.

Not as pissed off, however, as during the second half, when we managed to inch our way to within four points of them. Then things got interesting. I stole the ball from a particularly large forward and set off triumphantly toward the hoop. I could hear the girl behind me. Then I could feel her behind me, as she hooked her leg around mine and sent me flying through the air and back to the court.

Although she received a technical foul, I was left limping off the court, furious that our slim chance at victory may have been snatched away. I begged our coach (my mum) to let me back on the court. Finally she did. I not only scored my all-time best three three-pointers in a row, but we won the game, and hence the season, with a grand total of two victories. It was kinda like when Reggie Miller scored eight points in nine seconds combined with Jordan’s switch lay-up, but in a second divison, under 14 girls league.

This is the sheer joy of basketball. I hadn’t thought about that win for ten years. Until I picked up the Ball St Journal, and a rush of triumphant memories came flooding back to me. Put out by the Beefknuckles crew, the Ball St Journal is a beautifully illustrated homage to a golden era of ball – the 90s. Grab your copy before they sell out yo.


What: The Ball St Jounral

Where: Here

When: (B)All the time, bitchez! But be fast, they're selling like Air Jordans!

How much: A steal! $4!


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