The Hanging: Before the Rain at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

See the newest exhibition at Haymarket’s 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, remembering 2014’s Umbrella Revolution and confronting the uncertain future of Hong Kong.

The Hanging: Artificial Islands at FirstDraft

Explore a sand monument replica of Dubai’s largest artificial island, Palm Jumeirah, constructed by local workers paid $19 a day – the average wage of a Dubai construction worker.

The Hanging: The Public Body .01 at Artspace

If you’re afraid of a little skin, this show may not sounds like your cup of tea. But perhaps it will show you that the naked body is nothing to be afraid of.

The Hanging: Jonathan Jones – barrangal dyara

Artist Jonathan Jones has created a mammoth sculptural installation called barrangal dyara, meaning ‘skin and bones’, to breathe new life into a forgotten moment of Indigenous Australia’s history.

The Hanging: Some Words Are Just Between Us by Pixy Liao

Chinese-born, American-based artist Pixy Liao has a Japanese boyfriend who is 5 years her junior. This subtly subversive photographic exhibition portrays their intimate relationship – but there’s more than meets the eye.

The Hanging: It’s Our Thing

The exhibition ‘It’s Our Thing’ is an insight into the walls of Blacktown. It’s a celebration of the street culture and hip hop community that grew there in the 90’s.

The Hanging: Montages: The Full Cut, 1999–2015

From the coloured woman to the mother figure to the struggling artist – Tracey Moffatt and Gary Hillberg make montages of Hollywood’s biggest stereotypes. A déjà vu inducing exhibition at Artspace.

The Hanging: Displacement Activities & The Leftovers at Verge Gallery

It’s not every day that a gallery curator is bequeathed with an exhibiting artist’s entire legal estate.

The Hanging: Bongs and Commodores at ALASKA Projects

I Am, You Are, But I Am A Bit More Than You Are.

The Hanging: Shimmer Shellwork

Enter the intricate world of shell art and its place in Indigenous tradition with this exhibition at Wollongong Art Gallery.