Sunset Review :: Daphni – ‘Jiaolong’

From pan flutes, soul and jazz, to dark disco territory. From North American tribal celebrations through to vast western prairies via ancient Egypt. You’re in for a treat.

AOTW Review :: Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes

Alessandro takes us on a (very) visual journey of Flying Lotus’ (or FlyLo’s) new album describing emotive colours, brushstrokes, space travellers, dimming lights and vortexes.

AOTW Review :: Tame Impala ‘Lonerism’

Hit play on the new Tame Impala LP and imagine Kevin Parker in his studio, sitting on a stool with his back against the wall, a single globe burning above him…

Review :: Future Classic DJs compilation

Imagine Ron Burgundy straight outta the uterus, before his voice inspired legends and his face made women swoon – a naked bundle of pure potential. This was Future Classic eight years ago, and my my have they grown up…

Sunset Review :: The Presets – ‘Pacifica’

According to Alessandro Dallarmi it’s a record “that feels like Jason Bourne on red cordial as a young whippersnapper – full of energy and constantly jumping from one idea to the next, but with a clear mission in mind.”

AOTW Review :: The xx ‘Coexist’

“Some bands spend a lot of time trying to drastically develop their sound and stay way ahead of the curve, but The xx don’t seem to feel that pressure, or at least they don’t actively pursue it.”

Album Of The Week Review: Animal Collective ‘Centipede Hz’

“Basically what they’ve done is graciously allowed the weary old body of Pop Music to stay in the tiny universe reserved for Centipede Hz, but only on the condition that it grovels at the feet of the album’s patron saint – a figure imbued with the mystique of Frank Zappa’s moustache, a figure both eternally dark and more radiant than the sun, a figure composed of eclectic mixes of sounds, unique and wild.”