Big Screen :: The Gunman

Taken straight from the Liam Neeson led sub-genre of old-man action movies that exist to provide power fantasies to portly middle-aged men who no one cares about anymore, Sean Penn delivers a disappointing load of violent nonsense in the form of The Gunman that Sam Clark first heard about from the side of a bus.

Big Screen :: The Fast & The Furious 7

Sam Clark drives a second (or maybe even third) hand station wagon, possessing a baby seat caked with mashed banana and soggy biscuit crumbs. He’s probably not the target audience for Furious 7, but he’s reviewed it anyway – so buckle up.

Big Screen :: Infinitely Polar Bear

Even though he admits that Infinitely Polar Bear is based off of true life experience and can therefore be told any way the author wants to, Sam Clark still feels like all the rough edges have been sanded off.

Big Screen :: Chappie

Die Antwoord’s Yolandi and Ninja star alongside an A.I. police robot named Chappie. Yep. Could the new Neil Blomkamp film get any stranger?

Big Screen :: Inherent Vice

“It looks and feels like nothing released right now. Like it was actually made in 1970 and just lost.” Sam Clark really wanted to love Inherent Vice, but even after reading the book and watching the film, he’s still not sure what happens…

Big Screen :: The Interview

Sam Clark takes a look at the film that caused a hostile hermit nation to (almost) bring down a major movie studio, had the entire American cinema industry cowering into a ball, and is completely obsessed with buttholes.

Big Screen :: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Sam Clark admits that Kingsman is “a crazy, hyper-violent cartoon complete with an insane, horrifying and hilarious massacre… in a church” – but he totally loved it.

Big Screen :: The Theory of Everything

Sam Clark isn’t sure why you would make a movie about Stephen Hawking’s love life, but he went and saw The Theory of Everything anyway, because his mum always gives him a nice dinner when he takes her out to the movies.

Big Screen :: Birdman

“The look and the feel of it scream for brevity, yet the movie just keeps on going long after I got the point.”

Big Screen :: St Vincent

Sam Clark reckons ‘St Vincent’ is maybe worth watching for one reason only: and that’s Bill Murray.