Artist Feature :: Total Bore

Bligh-Twyford-Moore of Post Paint fame has stalking down to a fine art. But really, he does…

Interview :: Jeremy Neale

Gemma Piali gets style advice from Velociraptor’s Jeremy Neale, before he plays a live set from the Label State pop up store on Oxford St. It’s very good advice.

Preview :: Miss Peaches

Miss Peaches might not be great for your arteries, but it’s great for your soul… we spoke to one of the minds behind Newtown’s new soul food kitchen.

Preview :: Wangechi Mutu

Is this a dinner party gone wrong? Gemma Piali discovers how the world of Wangechi Mutu draws you in with pretty objects, yet fills you with the horrifying suspense of a film.

Interview :: Jacqui Dean on ‘Translucence’

Jacqui Dean’s first fine art exhibition ‘Translucence’ reveals the hidden aspect of a flower’s beauty using x-ray and digital imaging to illuminate their interior structures. The Flog’s Gemma Piali spoke to Jacqui Dean.

Preview :: Children of the Revolution

Gemma Piali explores war, women and the Berlin Wall in Kathrin Longhurst’s ‘Children of the Revolution’.

Preview :: Kaldor Public Art Projects – 13 Rooms

There is certainly nothing unlucky about the exhibition, 13 Rooms. Step into a world where every door you enter boggles your mind even more than the last.

Interview :: Michaela Gleave of ARTBAR

A constellation of live ballerinas, edible gold, scientists and… paper bags over one’s head. It’s not outer space, but it’s guest curator Michaela Gleave curating this week’s space-like ARTBAR at the Museum of Contemporary Art.