Tracks 2020 #3: Backing yourself

Re-watch the third Tracks session for 2020 and get equipped with all the knowledge you need to back yourself in your music career.

FBi SMAC Awards 2020: DOBBY on ‘I Can’t Breathe (feat. Barkaa)’

SMAC winner DOBBY reflects on the process of creating one of the most memorable & impactful videos of 2020.

FBi SMAC Awards 2020: Barkaa performs ‘For My Tittas’

Watch your official 2020 Next Big Thing doing her thing!

FBi SMAC Awards: 2020 Winners!

Celebrating the mammoth efforts of local creative communities in responding to the BS of 2020.

Soundcheck: January 11 – January 17

Need a live music fix? Catch Christine Anu, Annie Hamilton, Ngaiire + more this week!