Eugene Choi - The Bed

Art We Heart: Eugene Choi

“The last time I saw Eugene Choi, she was horizontal, seven feet above the ground, lying on a bed of scaffolding on a basketball court.”

Marian Tubbs, orbiting (a melodrama), 2016, digital video, 4 minutes

Art We Heart: Marian Tubbs

Marian Tubbs is the queen of merging the URL and the IRL. We delve into the world of the Sydney based assemblage-installation, video and internet artist who believes “mess is paramount”.

Art We Heart: Glenn Barkley

Glen Barkley’s ceramics work sits at the juncture between ceramics history, horticulture and curating. He works from a studio nestled in between Sydney and Berry and he thrives among chaotic ceramic gardens.

Art We Heart: Rosie Deacon

We treasure Rosie Deacon as we treasure koalas, kangaroos and wombats.

Art We Heart :: Claudia Nicholson

You will find Claudia working with anything from textiles and ceramics to floral arrangements and now alfombras de asserín (or sawdust carpets).

Art We Heart :: Abdul Abdullah

Abdul Abdullah is the sharp, critical and on-point voice of many marginalised members of society. Check out his latest work at the MCA’s Primavera 2015, opening September 22.

Art We Heart :: Louise Zhang

Sydney artist Louise Zhang opened up her studio to us, letting us into a world of bright colours and visceral works that are incredibly alluring, yet every so slightly repelling.