Watch :: The Walking Who’s ‘With Roses’ Video

September 9th 2014

The Walking Who

If you aren’t familiar with The Walking Who yet, honestly where have you been? But not to worry, you can get accustomed with the winner of our Northern Lights Competition with this visually stunning gem.

‘With Roses’ is the first single from the band’s upcoming album, and is just a taste of what’s to come.

Recorded in Byron, the song itself hones in on country and folk elements that were influenced by its setting. Giving some insight to The AU Review earlier this year: “I think that change from going from the country to the city kind of brought out this darkness in it. So it was a country-chill thing, but then it kind of got a new life when we got back to Sydney.”

Created by Sydney-based artist Lean Ann Early, the clip is an intricate series of detailed two-dimensional animations, that perfectly capture this country-city interplay. As the song builds with upbeat drums, Americana acoustic guitar and soft, harmonious vocals, so to does the splicing of sporadic images against picturesque natural scenes.

(Cue half-naked man sitting on esky, stubby in hand, looking over the lush green valley below.)

WINNERS :: LUCIANBLOMKAMP & The Walking Who – FBi’s Northern Lights 2014

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