Watch :: Suburban Dark’s ‘What Ya Know About’ Video

May 22nd 2014


Masters of intelligent Aussie hip hop, Big Village, have released a mildly terrifying new video for their track by Suburban Dark, ‘What Ya Know About?’. The Sydney label’s head honcho, Rapaport, looms as a bearded skull and spits verses that both terrify and interrogate.

Click play to have Rapaport persecute your knowledge of everything from “Miles, Hendrix, Marley,” to…

sex, drugs and on the dole.

For an aspiring rapper, it’s the world’s most terrifying job interview; for the rest of us, it’s perfect for freaking your mates out with the creepiest video you can find.

This is just one of the hardest hitting tracks from an album laden with hard hits, Suburban Dark’s Second Front, which featured only the highest quality Aussie MC-ing from the likes of Thundamentals, Daily Meds, P. Smurf and Ellesquire, and was FBi’s album of the week in 2013.



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