Watch :: Shining Bird ‘Keep Warm’

November 7th 2013

Shining Bird

Early morning; strap the boards on the roof, bundle in the back seat and drive… Dawn sessions are cold though, keep warm.

Shining Bird have busted out of Austinmeer and seen the world since the release of their debut album Leisure Coast back in September. Playing shows and receiving acclaim throughout Europe and the States, the six-piece have returned for the Australian summer bringing us ‘Keep Warm’ their latest single, along with a spiffy new vid to back it up…

Shot around the Byron region on the NSW North Coast, the video is the perfect evocation of late autumn. Memories of summer drag you to the coast but there’s an edge; the day’s are shorter, the light diffuses gently as you run back from the water and wrap yourself in a towel against the encroaching cold.

Shining Bird’s harmonies are another source of warmth as they build against a throbbing rhythm evocative of a heartbeat, snuggling into a fluffy hoodie.

‘Keep Warm’ is the perfect song for a fading sunset on the balcony. Whether you’re kicking your feet up in thongs or uggies, looking out across the ocean with a cup of tea in your hand planning for the next day’s adventure…


WHO :: Shining Bird w/ Dappled Cities, Oscar Key Sung, Palms + stacks more!
WHAT :: Newtown Festival
WHERE :: Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown
WHEN :: Sunday the 10th of November – 12pm on the Essential Stage
HOW MUCH :: Gold Coin Donation


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