Watch :: Panama ‘Always’

October 14th 2013


Flick through frantic, future-past images running through a German forest as you struggle to escape the memory of a half-imagined tragedy…

Panama‘s new single ‘Always’ presents an anthemic ode to memory and loss, clinging to a hope that there could be a second chance. With soaring vocals, stripped back keys and just the right amount of hand claps, the self-proclaimed “hopeful house enthusiasts” offer up a melancholy sing along…

“Deep down you said I’m a coward when it comes to love.”

The ‘Always’ video (made by German duo A Nice Idea Every Day) continues the narrative from Panama’s first clip ‘It’s Not Over’. We step into the forest viewing events as if through the eyes of child. What unfolds is a strangely atmospheric and liberating family tale, bordering on the gothic; leaving us guessing as the ultimate fate of the vigilante family is clouded in the hazy reminiscence of innocence.

Panama’s sophomore EP Always is out now as a name-your-price download through Future Classic.


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