Watch & Listen :: DZ Deathrays ‘Gina Works at Hearts’

February 25th 2014


‘Gina Works at Hearts’ is the second taste of DZ Deathrays sophomore effort and offers up a tear-away, manic hit to shake your hair at…

After two years of touring, DZ Deathrays escaped to Yass in country NSW to unlock the music they’d had to keep in their heads. Emerging intact, they then re-imagined the songs with producer Burke Reid before settling on the collection that is soon to emerge as their new album, Black Rat.

The album’s first single, ‘Northern Lights’, offered an anthemic sing-along that seemed to indicate a mellowing of DZ’s sound. False alarm. ‘Gina Works at Hearts’ is an absolutely blistering piece of pop guitar hooks, turning the tempo right back up for Black Rat. The track bursts fast from the blocks and tears into your ears with relish. As guitar and drums drive the song forward, the deceptively light harmonies break the tension momentarily, only to see the pace rejoined with increased fervour.


DZ Deathrays will be hitting up the Secret Garden Festival this weekend before heading off to the United Kingdom and the good ol’ US-of-A for a string of dates that takes them through ’til May.

Black Rat comes out on May 2nd, but you can pre-order your copy now from the DZ Deathrays website.


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