Vinyl Selections :: Crate Digging With Jossy (Casting Out)

March 13th 2015

jossy diggin

Jossy is the solo moniker of Josh Wright, the not-so-better half of radio show duo Casting Out, who hold down a weekly show on digital UK-based station Sub FM. Concerning himself with the latest and greatest in the world of house and techno music, his mandate revolves around musical journeyism via carefully selected cuts.

Jossy regularly ventures out beyond the studio and into Sydney clubs, bringing an infectious groove-heavy sound that might just make you want to close your eyes and imagine you’re either naked on a tropical beach with a jug full of mai-tai, or stomping a hole through the floor in a sweaty Berlin basement club. It’s this aural transcendence that permeates through his record collection and shines through in his sets.

Before playing Mantra Collective‘s all-night, all-vinyl party “Black Gold” this weekend, we asked Jossy to choose some of his favourite tracks to spin on wax. (He also did a mix on Frequency that you can warm up with here!)


“It was so hard narrowing this list down to just five vinyl selections but the following gives an insight into the tracks I’m liking at this moment in time, the ones that most often make it into my sets and those that will probably always stay at the front of my record bag…”


Fingers Inc – Can You Feel It (Vocal)

Those who know me know that I’ll usually forgo a vocal version in favour of the rawness that a purely instrumental track can provide. This is Larry Heard‘s 1988 vocal reworking of an earlier 1986 effort that blows my mind in itself but when those immortal words ‘In the beginning, there was Jack…‘ burst through the warm pads and bouncing analogue bassline, this thing really takes on a new meaning in terms of what house music has always stood for.

That Chuck Roberts vocal actually appeared earlier on Rhythm Controll‘s ‘My House’ but really found its better home amongst Fingers’ years-ahead-of-it’s-time production.


Bobby Konders – Nervous Acid

A track that traverses genres and generations, this 1990 acidic melter released on Nu Groove is a welcome new addition to my collection after I finally picked up a sound copy for a great price. The raw power of the acid line, the hypnotising bassline and the insane percussion-driven build-ups make it seem like this track is constantly rising upward into another dimension.

The record is also home to another immense tune – ‘The Poem’, which begins with a lovely intro, using highly a recognisable passage from poet Mutabaruka.


Dominico Rosa – Shades Of Swing EP

I’ve included the whole EP from Imprints Records’ first release here because all three tracks are masterful exercises in lush, warm, timeless house music. That said, they have serious dance-floor destroying capabilities too. The bassline in ‘Love’s Translation’ rattles your bones on a big soundsystem and catches you right off guard, the wind-up chords in ‘To Be Continued’ send hands in the air and there is a seriously infectious groove bleeding right out of ‘Goingbackeast’. Something for any occasion here and the subsequent releases on the label have all been similarly jamming.


S.A.M. – Third Track

I love this tune so much. Sorry (not sorry) to get all self-indulgent ’bout it but it really does take me off to my happy place. Julian Perez‘s Fathers & Sons vinyl-only label has been a firm favourite of mine for some time now and this kind of sums up everything I love most about dance music. Dreamy, dubby, groove-heavy and subtle. Samuel Andre Madsen features pretty often in my sets and on air for Casting Out, whether it’s under his own moniker or as part of wonder-trio Mandar. I play this every chance I get.


Route 8 – This Raw Feeling

Lobster Theremin is a label that is quickly becoming simultaneously synonymous with nose-bleed techno and lush, dreamy soundscapes. It’s kind of hard to reconcile those two descriptors until you encounter a track like this from Route 8. 4am hand-holder deluxe. Daze is another uber talented producer (originally from Ballarat, I think) signed to the label doing this insanely rough-edged but warming kind of techno. Bliss.



What: Mantra Collective Presents “Black Gold” – An All Night Vinyl Affair
Who: Whitecat, Space Junk, Aboutjack, Antoine Vice, Jossy, Vinyl Richie and Andrew Hay
When: Saturday 14 March, 9pm – Late
Where: The Imperial Hotel, Newtown
How Much: $15 pre-sales (grab em here)



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