View :: Trailer Trash Tracys’ ‘You Wish You Were Red’

January 7th 2012

Oy, yew! Git over ‘ere and ‘av a peek at this! Trailer Trash Tracys – who have just claimed our first album of the week for 2012 – have put out a mind-bender of a video in the lead up to their debut, ‘Ester’.

Despite their trashtastic name, there are no cutaways to Eminem and Brittany Murphy (RIP and bless her soul) getting it on in a shady back dock, or bleached-blonde mums with leopard print hot pants and the vocal chords of a parrot. Instead we get psychedelic mirrors and eye-trick curtains, mixed in with the glorious shoegazey goodness of ‘You Wish You Were Red’. (They do say red goes faster, right?)

Music nerd trivia: TTTs tune their instruments to the solfeggio scale – which uses seven tones or syllables: do, re, mi, fa… you know the rest. The result is a deliciously dreamy sound, drenched in reverb and drawling stoner vocals. 

Ester’ will be released on 23 January, but we’ll be giving you a sneaky preview all this week on FBi. Start gazing at dem shoes!


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