View :: Petty Thieves ‘Coca Cola Kid’

September 26th 2012

ATTENTION everyone who fantasised about having an outrageously successful lemonade stand on the corner of their street as a kid. (No, not those of you who actually did, because I wasn’t allowed to and I’m still bitter.)

Pear Shape’s video for their single ‘Coca Cola Kid’ is here to rekindle/completely warp your youthful fantasies. Hint: they cheated, that’s not really lemonade OR coca cola… and you probbbbably shouldn’t try it at home.


The clip is the end product of the TRACK 2 CLIP competition that was run a few months back by the fantabulous film-making folk over at Petty Thieves. Unsigned artists were offered the chance to win a film clip made for their preferred single, and based on votes from the public, local Sydney kids Pear Shape won the ticket.

The ‘Coca Cola Kid’ clip was shot in Bondi on a driveway (wish it was your driveway, am I right?!) and was directed and produced by Petty Thieves and associates.

Petty Thieves have also produced film clips for DZ Deathrays, Katalyst, Canto I and The Delta Riggs – check ‘em all out over at It’s bloody good procrastination, believe me.


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