View :: Northern Lights Winners

September 7th 2011

Oh, hey Rainbow Chan and Oliver Tank. Sup? Want to go to Iceland? Feel like playing at the Iceland Airwaves Festival in Reykjavik? Yeah? Cool.

No no, put your wallets away, we’ve got your international flights and accommodation covered. And why don’t you play your tunes for the nice folk at this cutting edge festival, hey? You may as well meet and collaborate with international musicians and crane your neck at the aurora borealis while you’re there.

These Sydney solo sweeties were yesterday plucked from over 200 entrants in FBi’s inaugural Northern Lights Competition. In October they will blast off to the winter wonderland to experience this killer music festival and strut their sonic stuff alongside Beach House, SBTRKT (Tank is “a big fan”) and Ólafur Arnalds. Rainbow is trying to contain her fan crushes before the big day. “The chance to maybe hang out with Bjork kills me!!”

“It was all getting too much so my mum and I tried to chill by drinking a lot of tea along to Roy Orbison records,” she says of waiting by the phone for that fateful call. “Dan didn’t get back to us until 7pm! I was in my bedroom when I got the news and when my family heard my loud screaming they all ran in and jumped up and down in happiness while I cried!”

Dan Zilber, FBi’s Music Director, is pretty chuffed to offer the youngsters this overseas opportunity. “This competition has allowed FBi to extend what we do – discovering new talent and exposing it to a wider audience – to an international level.”

Tank and Rainbow have you fine folk to thank as well; it was the public voting in this inaugural competition that put them over the line. To say thanks, we’ve collected songs from the six Northern Lights finalists in to a compilation available for free. You light up our life.



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