View :: Melodie Nelson’s ‘Six Six Six’

May 2nd 2012


There’s nothing so warm and fuzzy as seeing two of your good friends getting along like a house on fire. When we heard that the all-too-lovely Melodie Nelson had teamed up with one of our favourite Melbourne gentlemen, Geoffrey O’Connor, we felt pretty damn pleased about it.

Sure, it’s not the most uplifting of songs – a bit less ‘getting-along-like’ and more ‘I’m-going-to-set-your’ house on fire – but it is a beautiful duet nonetheless.

The melodies are mournful and drawn-out, leading us down a slow, blues-heavy path to the conclusion that love is lost. The video was filmed in the woods of the Hunter Valley with Rachael Cassells (Bat For Lashes, Bill Callahan, Sally Seltmann).

Six Six Six‘ will be released later this year as the A-side to a 7” vinyl. A hint for the B-side? A second duet with “another much-loved songwriter”…

Curiouser and curiouser!


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