View :: Megastick Fanfare Album Teaser

April 28th 2011


Megastick Fanfare have a shiny new teaser for their debut album, Grit Aglow. By tease, we can only assume they mean "a member of the opposite sex, ussualy [sic] a female who entices you into thinking you have a chance. Almost always ends with you having blueballs and feelings of sorrow, resentment and bitterness." This, at least, is how our friends across the way at Urban Dictionary define a tease.

You could probably also describe it as an oblique and exciting look at the highly-anticipated debut record from one of Sydney's freshest and finest. You could also bill the clip from this young Sydney five-piece as an appropriately quirky prelude to their sonic celebration of experimental pop. In fact, why not just enjoy the weird Japanese archival footage and start counting the sleeps until the album's release on May 6?

Failing that, go back to nursing all that sorrow, resentment, bitterness and uncomfortable genitalia.



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