View :: MA “If That’s How You Want It To Be”

June 13th 2012


Ever since I was awoken to the glaring similarities between a hairbrush and a microphone, I have harboured a small fantasy about being in a video clip. Not necessarily being a musician – all that ‘talent’ business could be tricky to get around – but just to be there in a video, passionately miming along like I was one of Britney’s back-up singers. (Although maybe those girls actually do their own singing – who knows?)

Sydney duo MA have obviously cottoned on to this innate human (/teen-girl) desire to act out a song on camera. Their new single ‘If That’s How You Want It To Be’ is a bouncy pop tune that captures all the stupidity of love and lust in a way that is so straight up fun you just have to bob your head along to it.

The accompanying video is exactly the kind of thing I could imagine my well-worn hairbrush and I starring in. Desperate housewives, unrequited romance with a café stranger, the battle of the barbershop mirror and of course, a little casual cling-wrap asphyxiation… this could well be the preview for a kick-ass new TV show about the tongue in suburbia’s cheek.

The single comes from MA’s new album, Dance Until My Heart Breaks, available for purchase now through their bandcamp. The duo will be joined by their 9 piece pop orchestra at the Vanguard next Friday night – I advise you bring your hairbrush along for the choruses.


WHAT: MA, supported by Anikiko
WHERE: The Vanguard, 42 King Street, Newtown
WHEN: Friday 22 June
HOW MUCH: $28.80 / $66.80 (meal + show package)


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