View + Download :: Olympic Ayres ‘The View’

May 11th 2012


Here is the soundtrack to your weekend: a new one from local duo Olympic Ayres that feels very similar to cracking open a beer at 5pm on a Friday. I suggest you try doing both at the same time. Here is why…

The View’ is what will be playing through the shards of strobe on the dancefloor of your favourite bar, where you’ll be feeling pretty slick about the way you’re flicking your wrists and shaking your hips, powered by the elation and inane invincibility unique to AM-hours dancefloors, that has you making eyes at the babe who is totally watching you from the bar, and you wonder if you have enough shrapnel for another drink…

(And then the song ends, and suddenly the bar isn’t actually that full, your dance moves aren’t that smooth and your partner’s not actually that cute, in fact they look like they’re about to fall asleep standing up, and they’re turning the lights on, the bar’s closed and you wish they’d just PLAY THAT DAMN SONG AGAIN BECAUSE IT’S STUCK IN YOUR HEAD.)


‘The View’ is the first track from Olympic Ayres’ forthcoming sophomore EP, Episode II. You can download the single for free here:

The duo will be playing at FBi’s Winter Prom: the perfect place for the above imaginary situation to occur 4 realz. The theme is ‘under the sea’, so your mission is this: get ridiculously overdressed, ridiculously sloshed and ridiculously filled with teenage over-emotion – then ask out a mermaid to this song. I dare you.
WHAT: FBi’s Winter Prom – ‘Under The Sea’ w/ Cub Scouts + Olympic Ayres + Shady Lane + FBi DJs
WHEN: Friday 1 June, from 8pm
WHERE: FBi Social, Kings Cross Hotel
TICKETS: $15.30 from Oztix
FB EVENT: right here – ‘cos we know you don’t use a real diary anymore.


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