View :: Cogel ‘Felusine’

October 8th 2012

Cogel are a local five-piece who write the kind of indie pop that makes the whole world feel like a Zach Braff movie. Meandering little verses and catchy melodies, yes, you’re getting a little foot tap on, a little hum perhaps, and then there is this fiery violin, and there are drums, and there’s this soaring guitar thing happening and you suddenly realise that SHE WAS THE ONE and you’re meant to be chasing your nearly-long-lost lover through an airport lounge with the world’s best one liner on the tip of your tongue…

Something like that anyway.

The band have just released a video for their latest single ‘Felusine’, which sadly does not feature Zach Braff. It does, however, coincide with the splendid news that the band will be releasing their debut EP in November. Nowhere Near is the product of a Pozible crowd-funding campaign that will soon have a band-member running around a public park with bacon strapped to his ankles. Fans could pledge money to have Cogel’s guitarist complete their chosen dare on camera, to be posted online. For a little more, the band would write a song about them, play an acoustic gig in their lounge room, or perform a live cover a song of their choice. Three cheers for creative marketing – Don Draper would raise a glass to that.

[Warning: if you have a fear of mannequins, you may not wish to watch this video. Perhaps you might consider watching with just your ears instead. Or perhaps you might consider growing up, they’re not real, alright??]


WHAT: Cogel – ‘Nowhere Near’ EP Launch
WHEN: Friday 2 November, 8pm
WHERE: Upstairs Beresford, Surry Hills
TELL YO FRIENDS: Facebook event 


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