View :: Belles Will Ring and Fundraise

December 6th 2011

We’ve branched rather far away from our roots when we listen to folk rock online. Scarce are the days of dusting off an old 7” for sit-down-shut-up listening times, however there are those who are taking the vinyl squarely by the horns. Blue Mountains four-piece Belles Will Ring are brushing the cobwebs away from gramophones Australia-wide, busily raising funds online to print their SMAC-nominated second full length album Crystal Theatre on vinyl.

After some very generous donations, BWR are almost at the vinyl press, but they need help! BWR need to raise another $1000 in two days to press on, so dig deep. Straight from the BWR mouth: “If only a few more people contribute we will be able to print our record Crystal Theatre on vinyl. With only three days left there is still work to do but this is totally achievable.”

So why are they doing this? It’s all in the name of the listening experience (think Flaming Lips Zaireeka). According to BWR, “Crystal Theatre is meant to be played on an old record player in a dark room where the picture painted is of a journey through small towns and deserted roadways. We want to present Crystal Theatre in a deluxe double gatefold sleeve on 180gsm vinyl and you can be a part of the creation.” The album, if funded, will feature artwork by We Buy Your Kids’ Sonny and Biddy.

“We’ve spent most of 2011 touring and the one request we’ve had consistently is for Crystal Theatre to be made available on vinyl,” say BWR. “It seems that you, our audience, would prefer wax just like we would. And so we are planning one large Christmas present for you, for us and for anyone else who finds their way to Crystal Theatre.”

Donations can be made through Pozible here.

Want to find out how the highly-acclaimed album came together in the first place? Take a ramblin’ ride to Wiseman’s Ferry for the Making Of Crystal Theatre, a brand new two-part vid from BWR.

Also, while you’re busy putting pennies in the BWR piggy bank, take a listen to their brand new BWR Christmas song. Forget your Mariah Careys and Michael Bubles et al, this is a seriously excellent festive tune worthy of Christmas Day crankage. In the Christmas spirit, BWR have offered up a free download of the tune for Flogsters, which you can nab from Your Daily SPA here.


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