VIDEO PREMIERE: Sing Leaf goes easy on the eyes and ears with ‘Easy On You’

August 4th 2020

Easy listening (and easy watching) for increasingly uneasy times, Canada’s Sing Leaf comforts and transports in the video for his new track ‘Easy On You’.

There are many a coveted quality for singer-songwriters the world over, but few so precious as the ability to maintain a child-like imagination and sense of wonder. Canadian musician Sing Leaf – aka David Como – is one of the lucky few who can do just that, pulling together vivid colours, strange sounds and visions directly from his own mind.

‘Easy On You’, the opening track from his forthcoming record ‘Not Earth’, is evidence of a truly organic artistic process:

“Music for me has never been about crafting the best sounding song, or even the most appealing song…it’s more about honouring the spark. If I can block out the other noise and not think about where a song will end up, or who will hear it, then I can follow that and it’s like the song is just coming through me.”

The track’s accompanying music video, animated by Melbourne creator Jordan Borg, is charming in its imperfection, psychedelic in all its vibrance, and is as calming as those gentle vocals and effortless guitar strums. Just one of eight equally creative and transportive tracks on the record, Sing Leaf has built a “Disney, sci-fi alien landscape vision” that never takes life, music or art too seriously.

It seems that Sing Leaf has struck gold with his formula, marching to the beat of his own drum but simultaneously forging an inviting little musical world that offers refuge and joy beyond the good ol’ unprecedented times we find ourselves in.

Check out the new music video for Sing Leaf’s ‘Easy On You’ below, ahead of his upcoming album ‘Not Earth’ due out September 25.

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