VIDEO PREMIERE: Family, friendship and camcorders on Okin Osan’s ‘You Tell, I’ll Listen’

May 7th 2019

Okin Osan

Photo by Echo Room Records

Sydney’s Okin Osan reflects on family and friendship in her sunny, nostalgic new music video.

Despite ‘You Tell, I Listen’ being released a while ago, this Okin Osan fan favourite has finally gotten the music video it deserves. Singer and guitarist Rose Chan, tastefully pairs the familiarity of amateur videography with the catchiness of her track.

And there’s no better time to release the vid. Okin Osan is riding high off the excitement generated from her last single and FBi Radio 2018 most played shortlister, ‘I Wanna Be That Girl’ – a melancholic song about the throes of unrequited love (something everyone can relate to.)

This ability to tap into universal experiences carries into ‘You Tell, I’ll Listen’ too. The video is a nod to the home movies we grew up watching and starring in. Filmed on a camcorder, Chan transports us back to the innocence and ease of neighbourhood youth. Backdrops of pissed-off cats, sun flared skies and playground shennaniganry build a nostalgic representation of countless lazy summers spent outdoors. This aesthetic makes total sense, and Chan herself cites her grandmother’s DIY 50s mixtapes, the soundtracks to their family car rides, as a source of inspiration for her sunny rock sound.

Much like the vintage closeups from the camcorder, ‘You Tell, I’ll Listen’ zooms into the heart of what it means to be young and bursting with love.


WHO: Okin Osan
WHAT: Vivid x Happy Mag Issue 11 Launch
WHERE: The Marlborough Hotel Newtown
WHEN: Friday 24 May


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