Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Tiny Little Houses

November 25th 2014


Tiny Little Houses’ song titles won’t seem so long when you release how many days you’ve had their tunes on repeat for.

Out of Melbourne, the band is four fellows; Caleb Karvountzis, Sean Mullins, Al Yamin and Clancy Bond plus producer, Steven Schram. Beginning in a bedroom, the guys have climbed out into the world making them fixtures of dance halls packed with new lovers and a whack of instruments. Their debut, a tune in with a sepia wash, is ‘Every man knows his plague; and you are mine’.

Stumbling through a minefield of feels and packing on the layers of guitar and reverb, the band is guaranteeing that if the OC ever comes back they’ll will be number one on the mixtape. Soaring vocals and a frenetic push of all emotions ever felt are the marks of Tiny Little Houses’ music. Think big noise, penetrative lyrics and melty hearts.

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