Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Spirit Faces

December 16th 2014


Can you imagine if St. Vincent met Seekae and made a musical spirit baby? Spirit Faces did the imagining for you, and the result is 100% amazing.

Spirit Faces is Sydney man Pete Covington. Mixing together uplifting pop melody and swirling sections of electronic noise in an unpredictable and exhilarating way, this fellow is making it known that music is not done evolving. With the releases from Spirit Faces so far, he dances the emotional spectrum, delving deep into each one before changing direction completely and leaving you on your toes.

The latest single is no exception. ‘Cloudplay’ is a freakin’ tornado of every feeling, plus the ones you forgot were a thing. It features fellow Sydneysider Buoy on vocals who uplifts you from the moody heaviness of his backing track. Expect to see it on Spirit Faces‘ debut EP, Bedroom Music, in the next few months.

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