Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Leon Osborn

December 2nd 2014


Stop blaming bad dance moves on the tunes, and start letting Leon Osborn take over.

Perth is growing as the home of Australia’s electro babies; claiming Kucka, Sable and the electronically skewed Tame Impala. Laying claim to the homeground is freshy, Leon Osborn. The dude is all quick beats, tropical feels and a cheeky wink. Making bedrooms a full party house, he is also proving himself king of the remix, releasing dance heavier reworks of some pretty dance heavy business, which you can check out on his SoundCloud.

Back in July, our new favourite fellow released a new free track every Tuesday for the whole month, in a project called ‘Nature Strip’. You can check the whole mash of off-kilter beats, ethereal sounds and straight up dance moves here.

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