Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Gordi

November 18th 2014


Gordi starts off as ‘in the bath’ kind of music, but layers the business with so much funk she’s sure to make waves.

21-year-old Sydney songstress Gordi is seemingly training in catching an entire emotional spectrum and feeding it to you in layers of reverb. Gordi combines tranquil vocals with melting guitar riffs that make Enya sound like heavy metal. Don’t believe me? Treat your ears to the blissful gem that is her newly released single ‘Nothing’s As It Seems’, which after the first play already feels nostalgic.

‘Nothing’s As It Seems’ is the first taste of her forthcoming EP, a release promising a wild array of instruments to frolic between moments of her breathtaking voice. The earthiness and refreshingly earnest flavour of her music probably comes from her time growing up in the open spaces of rural NSW – the lady knows how to fill a big space. Put it on so she can fill your ears and heart too.

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