Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Failr

May 27th 2014


There once was a young man whose two beautiful dogs fell in love, presumedly over a pasta dinner a-la ‘Lady and the Tramp’.

Like in most love stories, things got a little risque and some puppies were made. Alas, being dogs, the two had nothing but the impregnation to prove their passion and their hearts were silenced. Not one to let such a love go undocumented, the young man created two songs, ‘Mushka’s Castle’ and ‘Devo’s Dream’ as a testimony to both sides of this love tale. This young feeler is Failr, and he’s tops.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, songs about pet love should be beat-heavy and feature a bunch of samples from the 60s and 70s. Don’t worry! Failr knows that too and boy, does he deliver. His tunes, about dog-love or otherwise, will have you spinning, dancing and feeling parts of your soul you never knew existed. Even if you manage to get it off repeat, you will soon be back at your stereo yelling ‘Damn this is catchy!’ then throwing your hands up in the air because you’ve turned it back on and it’s making you dance.

Failr’s actual name is Warwick Levy and he is a man of many talents. As well as producing the gorgeous beats made under his Failr moniker, he has a clothing label called Lonely Kids Club featuring a bunch of stuff with The Simpsons and fire fighting dogs printed on it, all based in Sydney. He is also just bloody hilarious. You can see this on his Facebook or Bandcamp, where the Lark EP is available as a free download.

Sidenote: if you are searching for romantic inspiration human-style, Failr still has you covered. Look no further than this here emotional ode to a lovely girl named Talia.


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