Top 4.5 :: Suited & Booted

August 5th 2011

In which Fraser Harvey, guitarist/co-frontperson from Sydney's favourite broody Anglophile act Cameras and noted suit-wearer, gives us his picks for the best threads in rock'n'roll.

1. Nick Cave – Nick Cave has always dressed extremely well in my opinion. As do his bands, who pretty much all consist of the same people, but you understand. Even when I was young and was too stupid to appreciate the majesty of Cave, I thought he dressed well. I have a friend who lives in Brighton, and apparently sees him regularly sporting a 10-gallon hat.

2. Alison Mosshart/The Dead Weather – The Dead Weather all dress well, (as does the other half of The Kills for that matter) but I’d rather focus my attention towards Alison Mosshart. Firstly, I’d just like to say that she features prominently in my Top 3 (top spot goes to Eva Green, but that is another discussion altogether). Fact is though, Mosshart will look more intimidating clad in a leather jacket than any other frontman or woman, setting tongues a-wagging while simultaneously making you wonder if she consumes men after having her way with them like a spider. In my mind she does.


3. Interpol – They all look sharp, all of the time. I will admit, the lack of Carlos D of late did make a dent in the overall pompousness/ridiculousness of their attire in press, but I don’t think any other band has looked this good in bespoke for a while.


4. Lindsay Buckingham (Tusk / Tango in the Night era) – For a while there, Lindsay Buckingham took on this persona that saw him looking his most dapper. I seem to remember his in the video for ‘Little Lies’ when I was a kid, and being slightly enamoured with this odd but well-dressed individual.

4.5 David Byrne’s massive suit from Stop Making Sense I have always wanted to wear a massive suit like this for a day, although in reality, I’m sure the novelty would wear off after about 40 minutes. Still, if you happen to have one lying around…

Oh hey, since you're here and all, we've got a free download of a track from Cameras' debut LP, which will be out locally through Speak'N'Spell (and in the States through Manimal Vinyl) later this year. Grab 'I Know' in the widget below. They're also headlining Dance To The Radio at FBi Social tomorrow night, along with Nantes, The Jungle Giants, The Rubens &


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