Top 4.5 :: Camden

June 2nd 2011

Because Top 5s are for the imprecise, The Flog asks people for their favourite four and a half… Well, anything. Today, our list comes from Sydney's own Camden Chan, a fan of bow ties, mordant humour and Morrissey. Camden writes songs and sings them. Camden is also the name of Camden's band! They were in the first batch of Major Label signings this year; you should think very seriously about going to their EP launch, which is in the Gallery Bar at Oxford Art Factory this Friday night and is free! Hooray!

The Top 4.5 put downs that Camden has enjoyed using this year:

1. To describe his sexually suggestive neighbour: "He's like a choirboy with a hormone imbalance."

2. To describe listening to any music from the folk music scene in Sydney: "It's like watching an ex-girlfriend put Band-aids on her blisters."

3. To describe the way he was looked at when he ventured to The Ivy on a Saturday night: "I was like a Band-aid at the bottom of a public swimming pool."

4. To describe the drummer of Camden: "A man who defied natural selection."

4.5 To describe Alan Jones: "He's a snake without any teeth."

Today's lesson: the best put-downs involve Band-aids, and anything involving Alan Jones is automatically half as good.

Hit up Camden's myspace for some arch, catchy pop, show dates and such.


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