Thelma Plum plays ‘Better In Blak’ live on Arvos

July 29th 2019

Tanya Ali & Thelma Plum

Having just released her hit-heavy debut album Better In Blak, pop alpha Thelma Plum came into the studio to talk about the shift in focus that this album represents for her. She then graced us with an intimate, raw version of title track and song-of-the-year contender ‘Better In Blak’.

On much of Better In Blak Thelma deals explicitly with identity, with her experience as a proud strong Gamilaraay woman living in a country still riven by systemic racism. And she does so more explicitly here than she ever has before in her music. Tanya asked her about the catalyst for this shift:

“I guess it was like ‘I’m ready to talk about these things’ but it was also like ‘I don’t really have a choice’ – this is my life and this is what happens, and if I don’t talk about it it feels like I’m just hiding this big part of myself”

Thelma and Tanya ran through the list of heavy-weight collaborators that appear on the album – Paul Kelly, David Le’aupepe, Alex Burnett (Sparkadia) and Paul bloody McCartney thank you very much! And they got into how the process of collaboration operated on such intensely personal material, and the common ground that Thelma found with each of her collaborators.

They went on to talk about Thelma’s dream collab, Better In Blak‘s alpaca-centric album cover and 2019 Thelma’s advice to young Thelma. And then there was the live version of ‘Better In Blak’. Wow.

Watch it all here.


WHAT: Better In Blak Album Tour
WHO: Thelma Plum
WHERE: The Factory Theatre
WHEN: Saturday 17 August

For further ticket releases check Factory Theatre’s facebook page.


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