The Live Feed: Free live set download from First Aid Kit!

April 4th 2011

The First Aid Kit girls, with our very own Shag!

Today is a wonderful day, boys and girls, for the eyes of the Scando-folk-loving world are turning as one to our humble radio station! Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg – AKA First Aid Kit – are currently offering their gorgeous FBi Live Feed set, in its entirety, as a free download on their website. That’s right, kids, all it will cost you is an email address – and when was the last time you were spammed by a Swede, hmmm?* See, nothing to lose, and all the double-denimed folky sweetness in the world to gain. Hop to it!


*NB: I did actually get some Swedish spam once, but it was just a big clump of unconnected words, a few diagrams featuring a happy, sexless blob-person and an attachment called "allen_key.exe".


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