The Laugh Stand Q&A with Luke Ryan and Matty B

September 15th 2014

Even the most humble and down to earth comic, at some point, dreams of the ultimate gig – the one that would tick all the boxes, and be worthy of all the hard work, bad gigs, little pay and crippling self-doubt they’d encounter along the way.

The Laugh Stand asked rising comics Luke Ryan and Matty B about their ‘dream gig’.

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Luke Ryan

In just a few words, what would be your dream gig?

Smashing a tight 5 from my bed, and getting paid in cash.

Where would your dream gig be?

In my mind, where dreams belong.

How would you “get in the zone” for the gig?

Do heaps of push ups and then scream at the mirror for a bit.

What would be your backstage demands, or ‘rider’, at the gig?

Complete reverent silence from every single goddamn person. Finally, the respect I deserve.

What technical requirements would you have? (sound cues, lighting, props, effects etc)

Smoke machine, strobes, loads of fart noises – anything that would allow me to do less material and get more laughs.

If a solo show, who would your support act be?

My mum, trying to work out why I asked her to be up there, and then singing a song from The Seekers.

How would you want to travel to the gig?


What would be your ideal after-party?

40 clowns with helium voices attempting to make balloon animals but failing and giggling because they’re too high. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but my idea of heaven.

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Matty B

What would be your dream gig?

One where I was asleep in my bed.

Who would you want in the audience at your dream gig?

All my high school teachers.

What would be your backstage demands at the gig?

Paddle Pops and spit roast pig.

What would be in the green room fridge?

Unset jelly and a tuna bake.

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WHAT :: The Laugh Stand
WHERE :: FBi Social, Level 3, Kings Cross Hotel
WHEN :: Thursday 17th September, 8pm
HOW MUCH :: $15 ($10 for FBi Supporters!) from Fatsoma


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