The Laugh Stand Q&A :: Dream Gigs

April 10th 2014

From the moment budding young comics first take to the stage, most have a goal they aspire to one day reach, or at the very least, spend every day chasing.

Even the most humble and down to earth comic would at some point dream of the ultimate gig – the one gig that would tick all the boxes, and be worthy of all the hard work, bad gigs, little pay and crippling self-doubt they’d encounter along the way.

The Laugh Stand asked three rising Sydney comics about their ‘dream gig’.

Jen Carnovale


Where would your dream gig be?

It would be a gig in Doug Stanhope’s backyard. All the comedians who I love and admire would be there, and they would’ve all performed and passed out way before I get up. That way I can say I gigged with them without the horror of any of them actually being conscious.

How would you want to travel to the gig?

A private jet named José.

How would you like to be paid for the gig?

I’d go out on a limb and ask to get something I never get, something really wacky, and crazy… like money.

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Marty Bright


Who would be at your dream gig? Can be living, dead, famous, people in your life, whatever you like…

Me, myself as a ten year old, myself as an eighty year old, myself as a corpse, and Bill Murray.

What song would you choose to come on stage to?

The freaky song that Willy Wonka sings on the boat.

What would be your ideal after-party?

Karaoke and hugs.

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Madeleine Culp


What technical requirements would you have? Ie: sound cues, lighting, props, effects etc…

In my experience, a fog machine and some strobe lighting really screams that you’ve made it in show business, so I would just have them going the whole show.

Which other comedians or any type of act would you like to share the stage with at the gig?

I would like a great hula hooper, and maybe Jason Donovan to sing a bit. One time, I met a performer at the Adelaide Fringe who just broke watermelons on his head for ten minutes. I’d try and get him too.

What would be your ideal after-party?

Dancing my butt off to Missy Elliot and Peaches tracks on a dance floor made of mattresses.

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