Thanks for All the Iceland :: Tank

October 31st 2011


I had an absolutely phenomenal time in Iceland.

It was an action packed ten days. We played gigs, saw the sights, collaborated with international musicians and experienced the food and culture. I just had an amazing time

The first couple of days were set aside for sight seeing and collaborations. Iceland has the most spectacular landscape; it's quite sparse, but really beautiful, and it helped me to understand the music coming out of Iceland a great deal more. We worked with two Icelandic artists: Just Another Snake Cult and Petur Ben. Both collabs went great and I'm really excited with how the tracks sound.

The gigs were particularly enjoyable. We played a total of three over the ten days and they all went really well. Two of the shows were at bars and the third was at a hostel. They all had a really friendly vibe and I found it really rewarding that on the other side of the world people had come out specifically to see Rainbow or myself. They were some of the best gigs I've ever played and I had a really great time playing to overseas audiences. And the quality of music at the Airwaves Festival was the highest of any music festival I've ever been too. It was mostly electronic music but I was thorouhgly impressed with every artists I saw, particularaly Gus Gus, Tim Sweeney and Bix.

On top of playing gigs and attending Airwaves I tried to take in as much of the culture as possible, which meant seeing a lot of the sights in and around the city. I was lucky enough to catch the Northern Lights when I was stumbling around the city drunk, and we ate a lot of really delicious traditional Iceland food. It was really great hanging out with Dan and the FBi crew we had over there as well, we all got along great.

I could not of asked for a more perfect trip and I cannot thank everyone who voted for me enough. I will never forget the experience and the people who helped me to get there

And, just quietly, the women in Iceland are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen!


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