Ta-Ku shares his love for Korean soul and R&B and talks up his barber skills

April 8th 2016


  • Ta-Ku :: Interview with Greta Balog


“I never really slow down creatively, and I don’t really want to.”

In Sydney this week, we took the opportunity to have Ta-Ku in studio for a chat about his upcoming shows at his fast-paced music method and the exciting shows with Wafia as part of Vivid this June.

His music is a synthesis of golden age hip-hop and R&B. At the moment this is a comfortable space, tantamount to everything he listens to and that inspires him. There’s more exploration to come, but that’s for a bit later.

“I think I dabbled in a lot of other music previously and probably experimented in genres where I shouldn’t have. But then over time, learning more about what I like to listen to and what I like to make that’s where I am at the moment. And it’s always evolving but I think that’s where I’ll be at for a while.”

Somewhat surprisingly, Ta-Ku revealed his gravitation towards Korean soul and R&B in recent months. He’s big on underground artists, talking to them and trying to work with them too.

“Obviously I can’t understand a lot of what they’re saying, but the way they write the melody, the harmonies and all that other stuff is just something that I’ve been really loving lately.”

Passionate about mixing mediums, he collaborates with like-minded people, whether they’re musicians, photographers or a creative collective and his upcoming residency at Golden Age Cinema demonstrates this.

More and more, Ta-Ku’s shows see him stepping behind the mike and singing himself, encouraged by none other than Wafia. You can expect to hear both of their voices at the Vivid Sydney show, and we’re promised some more surprises too.

Ta-Ku is a man with a lot to share, production, music, photography amidst other skills and talents. Though it’s probably best to stay away from his limited skills as a barber.

Listen to the full interview above.


What: Ta-Ku in Residence at Golden Age Gallery
When: 9am – 4pm, 11 – 15 April 2016
Where: The Paramount Building and Golden Age Cinema & Bar, 80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills
How much: Tickets can be won here.
What: Ta-ku at Vivid Live
When: 3 June 2016
Where: Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall
How much: From $39 +bf here.


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