Straight Arrows’ Owen Penglis takes over The Bridge

March 6th 2019

  • Straight Arrows takeover :: The Bridge with Ryan Saar

Ahead of their “Buried Again” single/video tour kicking off this Friday, Straight Arrows frontman Owen Penglis came into The Bridge to share some of his favourite Sydney songs, including cuts from Suicide Squad, Raw Prawn and Psycho-Surgeons.

Across three albums, a handful of 7″s and countless ear-splitting gigs, Straight Arrows have established themselves as Sydney’s quintessential garage rock group. Marrying old-school pop sensibility with gleaming punk attitude, their music has been a consistent blessing in Sydney’s ever-changing musical landscape. Whatever happens, you can always count on Straight Arrows for a deranged, sweat-caked live show and hoarse voice the morning after.

In addition to fronting the band, Owen Penglis is one of Sydney’s most in demand DJ’s, with a record collection to rival even the most avid of Discogs nerds. Listen in up top to hear it in action!



You’ll be hard-pressed finding someone who loves Sydney music more than Ryan Saar.

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