Best Song

Presented by APRA AMCOS

Which song from the past year had you crack a smile every time it came around on the radio? Which track do you have playing in your head when you think back over 2016? We’ve picked five of Sydney’s best songs to choose from. It’s time for you to pick the big number one.

Buoy – Clouds and Rain

Buoy has taken 2016’s fascination with UK garage to a dizzying and enchanting new place. ‘Clouds and Rain’ represents the solo artist at the top of her game. Her soaring vocals are clipped and distorted, carefully woven into densely-packed production to form melody and momentum out of chaos. It’s a tight balancing act, yet ‘Clouds and Rain’ manages to make it sound effortless.

L-Fresh the Lion – 1 in 100,000

‘1 in 100,000’ is a surging battle cry from Western Sydney’s hip hop provocateur L-FRESH The LION. L-FRESH is never one to shy away from staking out a position and forcing you to stand up and contend with it. He’s a social justice warrior, and ‘1 in 100,000’ is the sharpest sword in his campaign of self-empowerment and transformation. The high point of his stellar 2016 album, Become.

Middle Kids – Edge of Town

No one here at FBi could mistake the greatness of ‘Edge of Town’ from newcomers Middle Kids on first listen. Somehow it’s both road-weary and full of promise, the kind of tightly woven song you’d expect from a band much later in their career. ‘Edge of Town’ isn’t just a bold statement from a young band, it distills the best of Sydney songwriting into three and a half minutes of sublime, measured and catchy indie rock.

Rapaport – What I Got

As the ultimate rebuff to the bullshit around us, Sydney hip hop icon Rapaport dives into the fray with ‘What I Got’. It’s a fast-paced, grime-tinged slammer with one of the year’s most infectious hooks, and the final word on what it means to stay true to yourself. With percussive production from local heavyweight Ribongia, and a white-hot chorus from Billie McCarthy, ‘What I Got’ is fire from start to finish.

Shining Bird – Helluva Lot

South Coast legends Shining Bird have a long-running knack for turning nostalgia into vibrant, crystalline melodies. ‘Helluva Lot’ packs an emotional punch on the first listen. It’s a shimmering, percussive anthem that puts Farnsey in the back seat and sets off into the setting sun. Filled with elation and melancholy, ‘Helluva Lot’ is a panorama of Australian sights and wonders. Dare we say it – it’s a helluva song.