Six up-and-coming artists at Bestival 2016 you should get to know

April 14th 2016


Bestival 2016 is creeping up, with the favourite UK festival taking over the Isle Of Wight this September. As always, the lineup boasts some massive names – The Cure, Animal Collective, Hot Chip, Skepta, Major Lazer and so many more. But there are loads of brilliant up-and-coming acts you might not be familiar with too, which we think should be on your radar.

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Get to know some of the newer artists on the lineup below, and then make sure you’re in it to win it by signing up here


Beaty Heart

Sporting a clean, fresh approach to their sound, South London’s Beaty Heart are making smart pop music with an almost math-rock twist. With their second album Till The Tomb well on the way, these indie-rock innovators will soon be fresh in your mind.

Clean Cut Kid

They’re killing it over in the UK, and have been for quite a while now – but Clean Cut Kid are yet to break over here in Aus, and there’s only one question: why aren’t they? With infectious melodies, a clever mind-set when it comes to songwriting and some fantastic energy, it’s really only a matter of time.

Danny L Harle

This PC Music up-and-comer has shown no mercy over his last few releases. Proving to be a solid and incredibly thoughtful producer, Danny L Harle is consistently making smart, innovative pop music that continually pushes boundaries and makes you think outside of the box.


Madrid gals Hinds are making kickass rock music and having a killer time doing it. With tinges of 80’s post punk and some incredible bouts of lo-fi surf-rock coursing through their sound, they’ve ultimately created a project that gives a huge ‘Fuck You’ without explicitly saying so.

Katy B

After collaborating with the likes of Major Lazer, Four Tet, Craig David and Floating Points, Katy B seems to be this massive, unstoppable force. The pop songstress is insistent on making incredibly thoughtful music that almost transcends what it means to be a pop musician in 2016.

Sunflower Bean

US rock darlings Sunflower Bean are setting out to show that they’re making nostalgia cool again with their effortless brand of late-70’s rock and roll. It’s straight out of the history books, but there’s an air of elegance that’s contained within the vocals making this one feel intensely original.


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