Rat vs Possum

February 3rd 2011

Photo by Nicola Trethowan

After hearing lots of love flowing their way we finally caught Rat vs Possum supporting Sleigh Bells. Their cascading beats and guttural howls had us at hello.

We picked a fight with lead singer Daphne.

Apples vs Oranges

Either or both mixed with Bonsoy and a frozen banana. Add some ground flax seeds if you’re a filthy earth mother type like me

Boys vs Girls

Pragmatically speaking it would probably be boys in a fistfight. In all other forms of conflict though…grrrl power all the way. Girls are just kind of…better?

Schools vs Streets

Being in a band means going on tour and consequently barely scraping a pass at (graduate) school, so I would have to say streets. As in Mike Skinner.

Television vs Books

Television will render your brain a consistency similar to phlegm. I’m currently reading 6 books. I don’t think it’s humanely possible to effectively watch 6 channels of tv at once. Unless 5 out of the 6 channels were Fishcam

FBi vs The Rest of the World

I thought FBi and The Rest of the World were pals. Why h8!? Smoke bongs

Rat vs Possum

Rat would win a mud wrestle but possum wins the wet tshirt competition. In looks both are equally sexy, in a hirsute sort of way


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