Rags to Ironic Riches: Greg Sestero, Star of the worst movie of all time.

June 27th 2018

  • Greg Sestero :: Interview on Mornings with Bridie Tanner

Greg Sestero came in to Mornings this week if you can believe it, to chat with Bridie and filmlordes, Jack and Andre for Movies Movies Movies.

You may remember Greg from The Room – the cult-phenomenon widely considered the Citizen Kane of shite cinema, in which he played director/star Tommy Wiseau’s best friend. He’s out here to chat about his new movie, Best F(r)iends, which sees him reunited on screen with Wiseau.

Best F(r)iends is a 2 part comedy-thriller (a reference to Werner Herzog’s My Best Fiend), and is Greg’s genuine attempt to make a good film starring Tommy Wiseau. Greg told us about casting Tommy as a mortician – a role much better suited to Tommy than his turn as a banker in The Room – and the unlikely career that sprang from a cinematic abomination.

He also talks about their relationship after the release of James Franco’s The Disaster Artist, a feature based on Sestero’s bestselling novel recounting his time on The Room, and even speculates on what The Room II might be like – SPOILER ALERT: it would be bloody radical.

If you love cringing so hard your organs swap places, catch one of the monthly screenings of The Room at the Hayden Orpheum.



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