Q&A :: New Navy

December 18th 2012


If New Navy were a cocktail, they’d be a Tex Collins. 2 nips of gin, 3 of grapefruit, a tablespoon of honey and 3 nips of Club Soda with a Maraschino Cherry on top. Their tunes are fruity, summery, sweet and with a slight sparkle. And consuming enough will indeed get you tipsy.

Of late, we’ve been deprived of new New Navy. But now they’re shaking things up, putting it in a Hurricane glass, chucking a paper brolly on top, and a plastic flamingo for good measure.

Rachel Sibley chatted with Jamie about the new New Navy, so you can listen to their new track, ‘Regular Town’ whilst you enjoy each others company.

Drink up!


Your new single ‘Regular Town’ has just been released, what sort of response has it received?

There has been a great response to ‘Regular Town’ worldwide. We haven’t heard any complaints so far, so the fans are either loving it or keeping quiet!

Were there any issues with the band’s transition to a new singer?

Its been a pretty smooth transition actually. Luke has been touring with us for a while, so if you’ve seen NN live in the last 12 months you would have watched him as our front man. He rules. It was hard for us this past year or so, not being able to move push as hard as we would have liked but it’s a relief to have it out in the open now and we’re ready to smash out some tunes and tours. I think people are just happy to finally hear some new music from us.

You’ve shared the stage with some pretty big acts since you’ve been a band, can you name one that has been the most valuable/most interesting experience for the band?

Hmm… I know that SBTRKT’s manager didn’t like us too much, apparently we were too rowdy backstage at a festival. Although we were having an impromptu percussion jam with the boys from Bon Chat Bon Rat, using garbage bins and empty beer bottles and whatever else was lying around, so I guess he had a point.

What sort of music do you listen to for inspiration?

We like listen to as much and as varied music for inspiration as we can. From old new wave, world music, dance, some jazz/swing to math rock, and then try and cram it all in to a 3 minute summer ditty.

What’s the weirdest gig you’ve ever played?

Just last week we played a private party in REC studios Sydney, in a tiny room with no air con. It was about 50 degrees and we were all drunk, that was pretty weird. Sweetie was there.

If your band had to change their name from ‘New Navy’ to another colour, what colour would it be?

Old Orange.


‘Regular Town’ is out now on Future Classic.

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