Q&A :: Collarbones

June 21st 2012

South Australian electro duo Collarbones have just released their second single ‘Missing.’ It follows the success of breakthrough number ‘Iconography’, and will be showcased as a part of their national tour which hits Sydney this week. Prior to the show, Travis Cook and Marcus Whale took fifteen questions from Max Quinn and turned them into something… uh… something.


Max: How tall are you exactly in centimetres? (NB: If you are unable to use centimetres, you may use paddle pop sticks as a unit of measurement).

Travis: I think I’m basically the same size as Justin Bieber or slightly taller. Sorry for using Justin Bieber as a unit of measurement instead of paddle pop sticks.

Marcus: About 11 moderately sized erect cocks.

David Bowie. Discuss.

David Byrne.

Tell us about the direction you’re taking your new music in. ‘Missing’ is a different kind of song to ‘Iconography.’

One Direction

Fuck one, marry one, kill one: Matt Preston of Masterchef, Gary Mehigan of Masterchef, George Calmobaris of Masterchef.

Travis: Do I really have to fuck one? Fucking any of them would be a traumatic experience for me.

The Little Mermaid question: Imagine a world wherein scientists have made it possible for humans to fly. The only condition is that in exchange for being able to fly, you must become hideously, Hunchback-of-Notre-Dame ugly for the rest of your days. Would you do it? Why?

Marcus: When I was seven I was really into the Spice Girls.

How did you find working with Dro Carey? Do you see yourselves branching out collaboratively and working with other artists in the future?

Marcus: Do you want to do PR for us? Perhaps you could convince everyone that we’re actually Melanie B on the comeback trail. Or the resurrected Whitney.

Fuck one, marry one, kill one: Dro Carey, Drew Carey (the skinny version, circa 2012), Wayne Carey.

Marcus: I was also into Hanson. In retrospect, I thought Zac was cute.

Have you ever been in a fight? Tell us about it.

Travis: I was pushed outside a 21st by a drunk idiot for no reason and then I threw a mug at a wall to get the bouncer to kick him out.

I wish I’d said something provocative to even warrant that. Considering some of the things I’ve said, I’m surprised that didn’t happen earlier.

The lyrics to ‘Missing’ place the protagonist in such close proximity to his subject that he ‘could almost kill’ them. Was this inspired by a true story? If so, please name the police station closest to you.

Marcus: I can see myself getting pretty close to you some time in the future, hun.

What is Double Jeopardy? I really need somebody to explain it to me in a way that I can understand.

Travis: It means you can’t be tried again for the same offence twice. Have you not done year 12 Legal Studies or seen the 1999 film Double Jeopardy? I knew Legal Studies would be handy for doing things like answering interview questions.

Given the evidence available, what do you reckon it’s really like Being Lara Bingle?

Marcus: probably better than being Lara Bingle.

‘Iconography’ was such a good launching pad for you guys. How have you dealt with increasing hype and expectations since its release?

Marcus: I never got into the Backstreet Boys. I thought Aaron Carter was cuter.

As a child were you ever able to find the real Wally in amongst the big tapestry of Wallies at the end of the book? How do you feel about Wally now?

Travis: Wally looks like he would’ve been trendy in 2005.

Finally, what can we look forward to at The Gate this weekend?

Marcus: two boys the size of 11 cocks each doing a lot of things you didn’t just read about.


What: Collarbone ‘Missing’ single launch tour
Where & When: 23 June – The Gate at Pablo’s, Epping (all ages) w/ Swimwear and special guests

24 June – Brass Monkey, Cronulla w/ Bon Chat, Bon Rat and Letters to Lions





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