PRINCI: Self-titled and self-possessed

November 28th 2018

  • PRINCI :: Interview with Caitlin Medcalf

If there’s any artist that knows their worth, it’s Sydney’s pop poet PRINCI. Drawing on futuristic elements of club, rap and experimental music, hers affirmatively explores self-love, femininity and sexuality.

A couple of stellar releases deep now, she has metamorphosed into her most authentic self yet with her eponymous debut record which is out today. ‘PRINCI’ is filled with these iconic pop moments that are marked by her signature rap style that can only be described as PRINCI.

The magic is in her lyricism and the way she weaves these impactful statements through powerful post-modern production moments from frequent collaborator Atro, and new collaborators Aiya & Jay Cooper, as well as a remix on the record from W.Y. Huang.

She dropped by Woman Crush Wednesday on Up For It this morning to chat about the record, what it’s taken as an independent artist to get this one out there and the new production journey she’s recently undertaken too. Hit that play button up top to hear the full interview!

Image: Kristina Yenko  


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