Preview :: The Return of The Wall

May 9th 2011


Remember The Wall? That sweet lil’ night of art and music that nestled into its home at World Bar sometime in 2007 and started pumping up the jams? I do (albeit sometimes hazily) and with great fondness. Whether you’ve felt a little bit deader inside or not since it ‘rahed’ its last hurrah, the news of its return should still prompt a few warm and fuzzies. A delicious cocktail of artists, musos, and the folks that pour your drinks, The Wall is pretty much like the first time you added gin to juice. I caught up with Matt Roden, one of the lovely crew responsible for the return of the night to the World Bar and chatted to him about the re-launch this Wednesday night.


FBi: So the wall's back! can you tell us a bit about it – should we expect the same format or artists/bands?

Matt Roden: The Wall is still committed to giving up and coming artists the chance to put on their own shows – but we're going to be putting on more group shows, more theme shows, more fund-raisers… Basically looking for more ways to get more people involved. There'll be music to suit the exhibitions, musical guests when they seem right for the show, and general DJ-goodness and debauchery as the night progresses.


Do you think Sydney needs more of this kind of space – these kind of crossovers?

Well, I don't think I'm in any position to prescribe what Sydney needs. I think it might be hard for some younger artists to get a showing at some of the more established venues – or at least it might seem like an intimidating prospect to approach them. I also know I hate arriving at a gallery at 8pm and not being able to get a drink. So if The Wall can act as a slight antidote to those problems, I think we're doing our job.


Can you tell us about some of the shows coming up?

We'll be exhibiting some talented ladies on the topic of Crossing Over (Helen Shelley, Veronika Tomin and Jarrah Flanagan), followed by a fundraiser for Japan on May 25th with an auction and collectible book of haikus. After that a couple of solo shows with street artist and typographers (I'm excited about Helen Mycroft and Georgia Hill, then a pop up shop and mini markets from Jane Elmgreen and Kiss My Button Vintage. People should look out for that kind of mixed bag in the future.


And what's happening for the launch on Wednesday?

Tumblng Ovr is our first exhibition of the re-launch. Thinking about artists that had grabbed my attention over the last year, I realised that I had discovered most of them online, especially via other people's Tumblrs. I follow a few art enthusiasts, and every morning checking my Tumblr dashboard was like having a new exhibition on my screen, curated by a bunch of bloggers whose tastes I'd subscribed to. I think Tumblr, just because it so easy to use, has made a lot of people curators of their own visual experiences, even if they don't work in or practice any visual arts themselves. So Tumblng Ovr is The Wall asking some of our favourite creatives and creative friends to collect images


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