Preview:: The Laugh Stand: FBi Turns 10 Edition

September 16th 2013


Getting old is no laughing matter… learning to tie your own shoes, hair in strange places, hip replacements…

Down at The Laugh Stand though, they… well, laugh in the face of the oncoming years. And this month they’re laughing along with us at FBi as we continue the 10th birthday celebrations! In a special burst of birthday hilarity some of our fave comedians will be putting on the laughs for you.

The night will feature Peter Berner, Dan Ilic, Alice Fraser, Zoe Coombs Marr, Genevieve Fricker, Matty B, Nina Oyama, Cameron James and Dane Hiser – and all proceeds go to FBi. Which is a pretty fantastic birthday present!

In preparation for the big night, the cast of our tenth birthday edition ‘Laugh Stand’ reflected on some of their favourite birthday moments…


What did you want most for your 10th birthday?

Genevieve Fricker: A Pocahontas costume. And I got it! Dreams do come true!

Cameron James: To still be nine.

Dane Hiser: I wanted the same thing I wanted till I was about 18; to be John Farnham. I grew my hair into a big blonde mullet just like him. I lived in Penrith, so the style wasn’t out of place. But my family and friends gave me a hard time and I would say: “Whoah Woah! Take the pressure down. He’s the voice try to understand it.” This did not stop them teasing, at all.

Alice Fraser: For my 10th birthday, my dad got me and my twin Mason Pearson hairbrushes. It was a brutal disappointment, but I remember being very polite about it, because I was a grownup, and he clearly thought they were great presents to give.

Matty B: The third book in the ‘Tomorrow When The War Began’ series, and a global conflict in which I became the hero.

Nina Oyama: For my 10th birthday, I just really wanted to be Nikki Webster. I used to smear Lip Smackers flavoured lip gloss all over my face, so if a fellow 10 year old boy happened to fall on my mouth I could stay true to the song and give him ‘Strawberry Kisses’. Alas, it never happened. Most of the time I ended up eating the Lip Smackers because they tasted so much like lollies.


Tell us about your favourite birthday party… 

Genevieve Fricker: The Pocahontas birthday was pretty great, even if that stupid Angela pushed me off the slippery dip and I grazed my face when I fell, so when I started to cry the salty tears went into my wounds and made them burn. Other than that, it was pretty good.

Cameron James: I don’t like parties for me, but I love going to other people’s birthday parties. I went to a dress up party last year with the theme “Dress As A Song That Represents You”. Some girls went as “Material Girl”, some guys went as “Sharp Dressed Man”. I wore my normal clothes and went as “What If God Was One Of Us?”.

Dane Hiser: For my 30th, I had an action movie costume party at The Fringe Bar in Paddington. It was officially the greatest party of all time. I went as Rambo and wore a padded material muscle suit, which was not quite as soft as my real muscles. I had action 80’s movie clips playing on a big screen, as well as an action movie pop quiz (assembled by me, with serial-killer-like detail), and custom “action cocktails”. It was definitely better than my 21st costume party where I dressed as Austin Powers, and my Aunty came as Felicity Shagwell.

Matty B: A friend of mine had a theme party where you went dressed as your favorite song and I put together a pretty freakin’ rocking ‘Heroin Girl’ by Everclear.

Nina Oyama: My favourite birthday party was actually not my own. When I was 13, I used to be a clown at birthday parties. This particular party the kids were looking after themselves so I got to hang out with all their drunk mums, who just treated me like I was another girlfriend, because you couldn’t tell my age under all the clown make up. I remember feeling like an undercover super spy, sent to infiltrate the ranks of mums. Being treated like a grown up was really cool. Although they did ask me to make them balloon penises. That was weird. Luckily my balloon art book came with instruction for balloon penises which, in hindsight, was even weirder.

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WHAT :: The Laugh Stand – FBi Turns 10 Edition

WHERE ::  Kings Cross Hotel

WHEN :: Wednesday 18th September, 8pm

HOW MUCH :: $15 GA / $10 FBi supporters, backpackers & students (free Magners included!)



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