Preview :: On All Fours exhibition

December 10th 2013


Tis’ the season to be jolly…

The festive day filled with fairy lights, feasts and presents is looming closer. Everyone is in a mad rush to find a Christmas present. When we don’t know what to get our family and friends (and may also be a little strapped for cash) sometimes we can turn to DIY gifts… they are from the heart, right?

When you were younger, your parents loved those hand drawn pictures of people with stick bodies and humongous heads. Why not give them a pretty picture for them to hang on their wall?

I can’t draw! I hear you yelling. I’m too old to get away with incoherent squiggly lines on a page! Don’t worry, you can just pay someone else to create a wonderful hand-drawn piece of artwork! Here are four Sydney artists who might get you out of that awkward last-minute gift trap…


*** UPDATE: The exhibition On All Fours has sadly been postponed at the last minute – but you can still check out Sam’s solo exhibition here and you can contact Ben, Natalie and Alison’s through their websites below. ***


Sam Shennan


Sam brings to life illustration, street art and graphics in bold and bright designs. His works feature bizarre animals and people mushed together with intricate detail, all in his own unique hybrid of popular culture, skate and tattoo art. You will also notice references to ancient civilizations, as Sam is heavily influenced by the lost world of Mayan motifs. Sometimes he will just use a pen, paper and ink to create detailed beasts, and other times he will grab his spray can and design colourful large-scale street artworks. With a huge selection, you’re bound to find the perfect gift for someone special! Sam’s fancy inklings will feature at On All Fours as wells as his one-week solo show, Sam Shennan Has Inky Fingers at Black Penny, 648 Bourke Street, Surry Hills. Opening night is Tuesday December 10.


Ben Marriott


Ben is an illustrator who loves to work with smart and silly ideas. Injecting some humour into his illustrations, his works are fun and damn adorable. With punny titles – like “Nocturnally Yours” in reference to an owl illustration – what’s not to love? Working with graphite and ink, Ben draws animals, objects and people. Ben gives animals human qualities for a quirky design. There’s a walking ant with a top hat and cane, a whale with a trench coat and a moustache, and a cactus with a huge smiley face. The drawings will be great as a gift for someone to hang up on a bedroom wall, living room wall, games room wall, any sort of wall!


Natalie Sharpe


Using watercolour, acrylic, spray-paint and ink, Natalie Sharpe creates fairytale-like illustrations. Her artworks are colourful and playful, sure to put you in a jolly mood for the Christmas season. Natalie’s works often contain bold strips of red, blue or green, adding a bright quality to the illustrations. Little characters whom feature in the works are cheerful chaps inspired by a long history of comics and Japanese animations. The characters seem to be frozen in time, as a snapshot of an exciting adventure. Take at guess at where the characters have been and where they are going…

Alison See

alison see

Alison See creates beautifully drawn abstract and fluid illustrations where leaf patterns, triangles, shapes and lines all join together in the one bundle. She draws on a personal thought, emotion or theme and then her creativity guides her on her way. With such intricate detail, you can imagine how much time and effort Alison puts into her work. The black and white drawings are given a touch of colour. You can interpret her works to figure out what they mean to you but you can also appreciate it’s prettiness. The multi tasking wonder woman also creates art film, is a designer and an art director! Check out her cool works at On All Fours for a snapshot of creativity to hang on your wall.


UPDATE: The exhibition On All Fours has sadly been postponed at the last minute – but you can still check out Sam’s solo exhibition here and you can contact Ben, Natalie and Alison’s through their websites.


WHAT :: “On All Fours” group exhibition

WHERE :: Newtown Hub Gallery

WHEN :: December 12 – 19

PERKS :: Free Four Pines on opening night (Dec 12, 6pm)




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