Preview :: Newtown Festival

October 21st 2013

Collarbones at Newtown Festival 2012

Things you can get with a gold coin these days:

1. Your windscreen half-smeared in soap by a very persistent shirtless guy at the lights on Abercrombie St.

2. Your own personal copy of ‘Chinese Food’ by Alison Gold from iTunes.

3. A whole day of awesome at Newtown Festival.


If this article is a Choose Your Own Adventure and you chose option 3, you’re in luck! Keep reading! (If you chose options 1 or 2, there is no hope – return to page 1 forever.)

In its 35th year, Newtown Festival is far from slowing down. The annual event, organised by the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, is environmentally conscious and only requires a gold coin donation for entry. That money goes straight back into the community, toward support services the elderly, people with disabilities, people who are homeless, people with mental illness, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and people on low incomes. WHAT A DOLLAR!

With a veritable smorgasbord of art, music, food and a broad focus on sustainability it can be hard to decide exactly what to do and where to go to on the day. Whilst we strongly recommend watching, listening, eating and absorbing as much as you possibly can, here are a few cant-misses…


1. Palms

Essential Stage – 3:30pm

This Sydney indie-punk outfit has blown the minds of many a concertgoer over the past year or so. Getting plenty of time on the airwaves and having a reputation for a larger-than-life live show, Palms are one of the must-see bands in Australia at the moment. Having just released their debut full-length, Step Brothers (an FBi album of the week), these Sydney will be a world of sonic-pleasure for anyone who enjoys quality live music.


2. The Green Mohair Suits

Federation Stage – 11am

If you’re partial to a fine tweed golf hat, some well-groomed facial hair and vocal harmonies that will make The Eagles green with envy, these dudes are for you. With that awesome bluegrass/country/folky feel, the Green Mohair Suits will soothe your eardrums as you sit under that warm November sun. Their sound is something akin to Fleet Foxes without the existentialism, in a pair of denim overalls. This quartet of quality Sydney songwriters are a bundle fun and can be caught on The Federation Stage at 11am.

3. Allan Sparkes
: The Cost of Bravery

Writers Tent – 3:30pm

The Cost of Bravery is the memoirs of Allan Sparkes: a police officer from Coffs Harbour who, after saving a boy from drowning in a flooded storm water system in 2011 and receiving a plethora of commendations and awards for this courageous act, began to spiral into severe depression and entered one of the darkest moments of his life. Pushed to his own mental limits, Allan managed to rebuild himself, tackling his personal demons head on. Perhaps not as upbeat and simple as the previous picks, this talk is a rare and intimate opportunity to hear from one of the most incredible characters in this country – likely to be nothing short of deeply moving and inspirational.

4. The Bower

Eco-Zone – all day

Found in the Eco-Zone, festival organisers describe The Bower as “an eclectic selection of goodies such as books, glassware, DVDs, CDs, bric-a-brac and a collection of vinyl LPs for sale, as well as furniture restored by members, live sculpture and the Eco-library and live demonstrations.” Essentially, The Bower is the best damn interactive equivalent of a garage sale you are ever likely to see. With something to please everyone, this second-hand hub is surely a place to spend countless hours hunting around for the best of the pre-owned!


… and of course, the FBi cake stall! We will have baked goods and we will NOT be afraid to use them. Come find us and share in the deliciousness!



WHAT :: Newtown Festival 2013

WHO :: Palms, Green Mohair Suits, Home Brew, Guineafowl, The Snowdroppers, Dappled Cities & more!

WHERE :: Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown

WHEN :: Sunday, 10th November, 9.30 am-5.30 pm

HOW MUCH :: Gold coin donation



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