Preview :: Garage Sale Trail 2013

October 25th 2013

I never really felt the love with online shopping. Sure it’s a smorgasbord of cut-price bric-a-brac, there’s sales and next day delivery. But I just can’t seem to develop a personal connection flicking back and forth through browser pages.

Give me something tactile. Let me rifle through boxes in the hope that treasure awaits buried under hand-made ashtrays and armless G.I. Joes.

I want to chuckle at questionable fashion and haggle over mysterious bargains. Give me a whole day of Garage Sales!


Garage Sale Trail is a nationwide initiative that brings together households, schools, businesses and community organisations all the name of up-cycling forgotten treasures. The premise is simple; convert your clutter into bucks, find some forgotten gems and raise money for charity.

No simple Saturday shopping expedition, Garage Sale Trail is an exercise in sustainable, community building.

Up-cycling is far more effective than recycling or landfill and it allows people to share their tastes and experiences with people.

The whole event is geared towards community. Over three and a half years the event can boast that it has “redistributed one million items from potential landfill, helped raise $3 million in local fundraising, and helped 800,000 people to meet their neighbours in Australia.”

The Garage Sale Trail 2013 website offers a fantastic interactive map, allowing you to plan out your trail and maximise your finds (bring a buggy!) Sales are listed by address with a description of what’s on offer, so there’s no risk you’ll go looking for vintage electronics and end up with a box of 1970’s Playboys!

WHAT :: Garage Sale Trail 2013

WHEN :: Saturday 26th October, 9.00am – 5.00pm

WHERE :: With 523 registered garage sales in Sydney there’s bound to be one near you!

HOW MUCH :: Check the tag, then haggle!



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